Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Courtship of Geekus naturus

In past blog entries, I've talked about all sorts of different animal mating rituals and systems. I've talked about how animals win each other over in one way or another, females kicking butt, and even some rather intimate details on animal sex. But today, I want to talk about the rather courtship of the species Geekus naturus.

Geekus naturus is a monogamous species, who sought out a potential mate that could demonstrate measurable geekery and humorous wit. In order to find this mate, she searched among a population of Geekus biologica. There, she came across this fine specimen:

This individual impressed the Geekus naturus with his geeky knowledge, humor, and of course other qualities such as ability to forage for food...
Here we see him collecting Rangia cuneata (wedge clams) to present to the Geekus naturus 
in order to win her affections and aid in her research in 2003.

perform impressive non-aggressive physical displays...

wrestle alligators...
(You tell that lizard he's not an alligator. We didn't want to hurt his feelings)

and demonstrate nurturing, fatherly qualities.

After a long courtship, this specimen, dubbed Geekus naturus v. mr. banded the Geekus naturus (v. the), solidifying their monogamous relationship.

On April 12, Geekus naturus v. mr. and Geekus naturus v. the shall proclaim their devotion to each other in front of a gathering of others of their species and live geekily ever after. 

See you after the honeymoon!


  1. I find this courtship behavior rather fascinating. The selection process is unusual in that, unlike many other species, it is the female who is the more flamboyant while the male more drab. The female does exhibit occasional striking color morphologies at random times of the year, especially in the cranial pelt. The male does perform more feats of strength in the winter months while dancing around a pole, and other lesser feats such as opening jars and defending the female of the species by the killing of encroaching arachnids.

    We shall nonetheless be elated that their union will take place, this so-called "mawwaige ", a "bwessed event", a "dweam within a dweam". Congwatulations!
    As you wish, geeks. As you wish.

    1. Thanks Randy! But wait...are you saying Mr. Nature Geek is a pole dancer? O.o