Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Poison Ivy 101

A few years ago, Mr. Nature Geek wrote a post about the "Do-Nothing-Killer," poison ivy. With spring having finally sprung and baby poison ivy leaves beginning to grow, this week I thought I would share two videos about this vilified plant to help you avoid this plant's famous itch.

First off, an introduction to poison ivy. Why does poison ivy make us itch? How do you treat a poison ivy rash? Can someone truly be immune? Why should poison ivy be allowed to grow in natural areas? Find out! 

**Warning: this video contains graphic images of poison ivy rashes and blisters**

Now that you know a bit more about poison ivy, how can you avoid it? The best way is to learn how to identify it, which isn't always as easy as it seems. 

Poison ivy may be tricky in all its shapes, sizes in forms which can make it hard to avoid, but the plant is still worth keeping around for the benefits it provides wildlife. So this spring, be on the lookout with your new identification knowledge and stay rash-free!

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