Saturday, February 18, 2012

Help The Nature Geek: Watch Videos for Science and Fun!

In December, I told all of you that I had a surprise in store for the new year.  It’s time to reveal just what I have up my sleeve!

I am conducting research on audience preferences in online interpretive video style and am looking for volunteers to participate in what could be ground-breaking research. Just what exactly does that mean, you ask?  Each month I will create two short (less than five minutes) video versions of my blog.  The two programs will be created using slightly different styles of program delivery.  I’ll then ask participants to watch both videos tell me which they preferred.

So what would be your part?  Each month for ten months, you would watch two short videos on The Nature Geek’s channel on YouTube. To share your opinion on the videos, you’d complete a 10 question survey (nine multiple choice and one fill-in-the-blank) and submit it to me via email.  And that’s it!  The amount of time you’d have to invest is about 30 minutes per month. Not only will you be making a significant contribution to the field of interpretation, but you will have the inside track on Nature Geek videos not advertised to the public.

If you are interested in helping me out with my study or would like some more information, email me at katie <at> I hope to hear from you soon!


Katie Fisk
The Nature Geek

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